People and Prosperity

Supporting Our Employees and Communities

People are central to Hertz's success. They are our valued customers, with whom we strive every day to offer a convenient, safe and comfortable rental experience. They are our employees, whom we rely upon to achieve progress and brand differentiation. We strive to empower our employees so they can build trust with our customers and the communities we serve around the world.

Our focus areas

Health and Saftey 100

Customer health and safety: Sharing information and maintaining rigorous processes to keep customers safe.

Fuel Eff

Occupational health, safety and security: Continually engaging our employees to cultivate a safe, secure and healthy culture.

Fair 100

Fair and equitable labor practices: Ensuring compliant and ethical practices throughout the employee lifecycle.

DEI 100

Workforce health and well-being programs: Offering robust programs and engagement to help with the mental, physical, emotional and financial well-being of our workforce.

Proff 100

Empowering our workforce: Tailoring training and education to support employees’ career growth.

DEI 100

Diversity, equity and inclusion: Cultivating a work environment where everyone’s contributions are respected and valued.